Last week we here at Tinna Adventure achieved the prestigious Vakinn Quality Certification in tourism and Vakinn Environmental Certification. To be granted this certification one must adhere to strict standards regarding business practices, quality service and responsible practices towards the environment and the local community. 

To achieve this certification, we hand valuable support from Byggðastofnun, a governmental institution that supports small countryside villages in Iceland. They partially sponsored our work towards this goal, and without their help, this result would have been much harder to achieve. We are immensely grateful for the support we have received. 

We care deeply about all those aspects of our business, and therefore it was a natural step to make for us. However, it is not an easy step to go through. There are many details to look into, and the process of application is time-consuming. But we consider this to be an essential step for everyone in tourism in Iceland. It is a way for us to promote the sustainability of tourism and nature conservation in Iceland. 

When working in the tourism sector, we all bear responsibilities towards the environment and the community where we work. All the places we visit and the people we encounter are not our property.  We must ensure that others have the same opportunity as we do of enjoying these treasures. 

We also encourage all companies in tourism in Iceland to work towards sustainable travel in the future. Depending on available methods, it might be just one step at a time or jumping in the deep end. But it is crucial that we all work in the right direction. Only this way can we hope that we can enjoy our beautiful nature in the unforeseen future.