If the weather is not ideal in Austurland (East Iceland) or you want to learn more about Iceland’s arts, nature, and culture, you have many good options.

Here below, you can find a list of museums and galleries all over Austurland. They are listed by location, town by town, from south to north.


  • Auðunns Stone Collection – An intriguing collection of beautiful stones and minerals collected in East Iceland.
  • Langabúð – It’s a caffé and a museum that pays homage to the sculptor Ríkarður Jónsson.
  • Freevilli-gallery-naturart – Wood and bone carving art.
  • JFS Handcraft – Handcraft jewelry and more.
  • Teigarhorn – Teigarhorn farm is a world-renowned zeolite spot. A beautiful place to visit.
    Please note: It is strictly prohibited to disturb or remove zeolite minerals, whether they are embedded in rock or lying loose.


  • Breiðdalssetur – Geology and linguistics center focusing on the works of Dr. George Walker and Dr. Stefán Einarsson as well as other exhibitions such as the history of the village or temporary art displays.




  • The Wartime Museum – The Wartime Museum holds a lot of stories and items dating from World War II when Iceland was US-occupied.



Egilsstaðir og Fljótsdalshérað

  • Wilderness Center of Iceland – A beautifully visual museum of life in the most remote places in Iceland.
  • Skriðuklaustur – A Café and a museum in the house that belonged to a renowned Icelandic writer, Gunnar Gunnarsson. Outside you can also walk through an archeological excavation of a monastery that also served as a hospital.
  • The East Iceland Heritage Museum – This museum holds a variety of items and exhibitions showing the history and culture of East Iceland.
  • Hús handanna – A cute store with local handcraft and crafts from around the country.
  • Sænautasel – A restored turf and stone farm in the mountains of Iceland.
  • Snæfellsstofa – Vatnajökull National Park visitor center in Fljótsdalur.



  • Burstafell  –  A renovated turf and stone farm operated as an official museum.