Selection of our tours

  • Thanks for showing us some of the East Fjords today. It was amazing and beautiful.
    Robert Mourik
  • A big thank you to Helga for a very interesting drive this morning and for such a great introduction to the East Fjords.
    Sinéad Ryan
  • Thxs for the nice Tour on Wednesday, it was a very great experience 🙂
    Dierk Rühl
  • Many thanks today to Óskar, for an absolutely amazing and informative day, exploring Iceland as we wouldn't have otherwise seen it. It's the best jeep tour or day tour we've been on. We'd love to come back in the winter for the hot tub plan one year!
    Chris & Chris
  • The tour was a good blend of wonderful scenery and interesting history. Being driven safely around in your very comfortable jeep was a relaxing treat for all of us!
    Rachael, Rob, James and Anna

East Iceland is a real treasure for nature lovers. With it’s hidden gems and extensive, mountains, valleys, fields and forests to explore. East Iceland is a fantastic place to visit and take the time to experience to the fullest.
Make the most of your time here, getting to know the locals, walking in nature, visiting some of the hidden waterfalls that can be found all over East Iceland but only when you look closely.


Environmental consciousness

We hold great respect for the environment and make it our goal to leave no trace where we travel. This is so that coming generations may enjoy the same beautiful nature as we do today. We also work closely with the local community and businesses. That is in the effort to create a sustainable working environment for the community as a whole.  

Personal Service

We travel in small groups, where each Super jeep has the maximum capacity of 4 to 6 passengers.  We do this with the objective of giving you a close and personal encounter with the magnificent Icelandic nature. Our emphasis is on slow travel and a personal connection with nature. Most of all, an experience where each passenger can take the time they wish, long or short exploring Icelandic nature on their own terms.


We at Tinna Adventure are Icelandic nature and travel enthusiasts. Whether by car or on foot, we want to share Iceland’s unique nature and tranquility with you. We have extensive experience mountaineering. Our background also includes work with the internationally recognized Icelandic Search and Rescue Association.

We are proud of the reputation we have earned, and we encourage you to share your experience with others on TripAdvisor, Facebook, Google, or other social media sites.