The last of the Jule-lads to arrive down among people is Kertasníkir . He was enchanted by the candle lights inside.  That is why he would follow the children around where they played in the candlelight, in the otherwise dark turf houses.

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On Christmas eve these brothers would sit all together under the dark night sky watching the lights from afar before they would head back home to the mountains one by one.

The reference for the characteristics of these mischievous lads is the poetry book “Jólin koma” by Jóhannes úr Kötlum from 1932. It´s the best-known source on those brothers, their mother Grýla and their cat Jólakötturinn.


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The opening photo shows a group of Jule-lads that frequent the popular geological site Dimmuborgir by lake Mývatn in the days leading up to Christmas every year.