Jólasveinar einn og átta, Jule-lads one and eight. That´s how a popular Icelandic children´s Christmas chant begins. 

It is a strange beginning in fact since Iceland has 13 Santas or Jule-lads and not nine. 

If you are interested in knowing a little more about those funny lads we posted a blog series last year about these interesting men and their strange family.   

Here you can find the links to the series. 

The first two brothers, Stekkjastaur and Giljagaur

The third brother Stúfur and their parents 

The fourth brother Þvörusleikir

The fifth and the sixth, Pottaskefill and Askasleikir

The seventh brother Hurðaskellir and the Jule-cat

The eighth brother Skyrgámur

Brothers nine and ten, Bjúgnakrækir and Gluggagægir

Brothers eleven and twelve, Gáttaþefur and Ketkrókur

The last brother Kertasníkir